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There is no better delight than spending your day at cafes in Sriracha with a warm cup of coffee nestled between your fingers and your eyes feasting on a gorgeous view. From rolling blue waves and gleaming golden shores to luscious greenery and impressive mountain ranges, there is no shortage of beautiful sights to set your eyes upon when you sit down to relax in our beautiful coastal city. It is the perfect way to slow down during an activity-packed vacation in Sriracha. In this article, we share the top 5 places to visit when you’re in need of a quiet afternoon.

S. Signature – Our All-Day Dining Cafe in Sriracha

afternoon tea in sriracha

Situated in the lobby of our 5-star hotel, our all-day dining cafe in Sriracha awaits as the place to be. From bite-sized snacks to hearty meals that keep you full for hours, our skillful chefs effortlessly combine delicious local ingredients with extraordinary international flair, culminating in an exclusive menu that boasts a mouthwatering fusion of flavors. Enjoy the rich flavors of coffee or our signature afternoon tea set amongst tall, crystal-clear windows that give you breathtaking views of the bright blue waters of the ocean.

When the gleaming golden rays of the sun settle into the familiar orange and purple hues of twilight, take a short walk to our beachfront bar, Sriracha in Love, and enjoy the transition from day to dusk. At our trendy evening venue, trade in your coffee cup for a cocktail glass and enjoy our refreshing drinks inspired by the tropics. Home is truly where the heart is. We stand by our promise to have everything you need in one place at our very own, S. Sriracha Hotel & Residences – the place where life meets living.


Coffee Ashibi Sriracha – A Taste of Japan

top 5 cafe in sriracha - coffee ashibi

Coffee Ashibi is not just any cafe in Sriracha. It is a Japanese-inspired haven. The location is a stone’s throw from the main road, ensuring easy accessibility. Parking is a breeze, allowing you to pull up right in front of the café. So, whether you’re seeking a cozy spot for a delicious cup of coffee or fusion dishes with Japanese flavors, Coffee Ashibi in Sriracha offers an inviting blend of Japanese charm and delightful treats.


Café Terrace – A Gem Among Greenery

top 5 cafe in sriracha - cafe terrace

Café Terrace highlights itself as an espresso bar and restaurant in the coastal city of Sriracha, making it a playground to both the caffeine enthusiast and the culinary explorer. The menu at Café Terrace is a delightful symphony of flavors, featuring an extensive range of drinks from hot brews to cold beverages. An all-day dining haven, it also offers a wide range of international cuisine from thin and crispy pizzas to buffalo wild wings. The sleek decor at this cafe in Sriracha adds a contemporary touch, creating a cozy yet modern atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely morning coffee or a scrumptious dinner, Café Terrace beckons with its inviting blend of flavors, making it a gem in the coastal city’s culinary landscape.


Blue House Café Sriracha – A Minimalist’s Dream

top 5 cafe in sriracha - blue house cafe

The Blue House Cafe in Sriracha stands as a beacon of minimalistic charm, drawing inspiration from the simplicity and aesthetics of Japan. From its architecture to the interior, every detail has been thoughtfully curated to create a space that exudes modesty and elegance, featuring clean lines, wood accents, and uncluttered spaces. A variety of drinks, spanning from comforting hot beverages to flavorful cold options, awaits patrons. Having a heavy Japanese influence, its menu highlights foreign ingredients such as matcha or houjicha. Our top recommendations would be their Matcha Ume Soda – a truly refreshing treat that delights the tastebuds – and for a sweet indulgence, be sure to savor their melon roll cake. The perfect spot to unwind, Blue House Cafe invites you to experience the serene beauty of Japan right in the heart of Sriracha.


Belle Café – An Exotic Pet Cafe in Sriracha

top 5 cafe in sriracha - belle cafe

What pairs better with a quiet afternoon than a furry friend to keep you company? Tucked in the heart of Sriracha, Belle Cafe proudly stands out as the pioneer of exotic pet cafes, offering a unique experience for animal enthusiasts. This cafe in Sriracha is inspired by the aesthetics of Korean style. The interior is a harmonious blend of white and pink hues, creating an ambiance that feels both pristine and inviting. The design ensures that no matter where you look, there’s an Instagram post waiting to be captured. The presence of exotic pets adds an extra layer of thrill, making it a haven for cafe lovers seeking an extraordinary experience. From Sphynx cats to bunnies, meerkats and more, immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance surrounded by adorable animals and revel in the whimsy that Belle Cafe brings to the cafe scene in Sriracha.