Meeting Rooms in Sriracha - ห้องประชุมโรงแรมศรีราชา The Cruise

Meeting rooms in Sriracha are often uniform and take no creative liberties. But not ours. A contemporary boat-shaped oasis, The Cruise is the name given to the versatile meeting space at S. Sriracha Hotel and Residence. Just a short walk from our sriracha hotel, the design of our unique multi-purpose meeting venue in Sriracha, The Cruise, pulls inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Shinrin Yoku’ for its interior design. Its walls are lined with sleek and minimalist wooden panels, and are intended to mimic trees you’d find in the Japanese woods. Read on further to learn more about the refreshing Japanese concept of ‘Shinrin Yoku’.

What is Shinrin Yoku?

The Japanese term ‘Shinrin Yoku’ translates to mean ‘forest bath’ in English. It is a concept that emerged in Japan in the 1980s, encouraging people to take in the forest’s atmosphere as a physiological and psychological practice — otherwise known as ecotherapy. There are many benefits to adopting forest bathing as a mindfulness exercise and wellness trend. In fact, it is not a new occurrence for a culture to embrace nature and recognize its importance to human health. However, there were two main reasons that the Japanese advocated for the implementation of this practice.

The second reason for the advocacy of ‘Shinrin Yoku’ is to nurture connection with nature among the Japanese population and ignite a sense of protection over the country’s forests. With the modernization that came in 1980s, urbanization also occurred. By fostering a love for being in nature among its population, Japan was able to prevent the expansion of cities into more tree-dense areas and create a culture of respect and need for preservation for their forests.

The first reason is that the Japanese believed creating time in the day where one would temporarily disconnect with technology would help alleviate society’s burnout with the tech boom that occurred during this period. Japan is known for being a country that values hard work and having an extremely dedicated work ethic, so they delved into the modern advancements full force with how it increased the efficiency of their workplaces. While producing amazing results for their businesses, it did create a new form of stress within their population that they had to counteract so they embraced this form of ecotherapy and connecting with nature. 

The Benefit of Our Shinrin Yoku-Inspired Design in The Cruise

Our design choice is intentional. By making the walls of The Cruise emanate the feeling of being surrounded by trees, S. Sriracha Hotel hoped its meeting participants would subconsciously focus on their breathing and shift into a state of mindfulness while they spent time in our space. Engaging in business and brainstorming innovative ideas takes a heavy toll on the mind. By creating an environment that encourages mental and physiological ease, we hoped it would soothe the stress and anxiety of our busy clients. With their tensions lowered, they could relax and adopt a positive attitude, which boosts creativity and makes for a productive gathering and meeting of the minds.

The Versatility of Our Meeting Rooms in Sriracha

It is our belief that each meeting in Sriracha should be unique and we aim to serve our clients to the best of its ability. The Cruise is not only a stunning modern space but one that is also extremely functional. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and a top-of-the-line sound system. Audio in the room is extremely balanced and pleasant to listen to. We also offer onsite catering should you wish to feed your guests.

The Cruise can comfortably house a hefty capacity of attendees. According to your preference, we can set up the room in various seating styles that are traditional in large venue spaces such as this. The

Cruise can host up to 60 people with the tables and chairs set up in a U-Shape style and up to 150 people with the seating arranged in Theater style. A space that accommodates all, the dedicated team at our 5-star Sriracha hotel can transform meeting rooms in Sriracha to fit your desires whether you are hosting a professional corporate event or a fun leisure gathering.

Outdoor Venues in S. Sriracha Hotel and Residence

If enjoying the idyllic atmosphere of Sriracha is what you desire, we also provide the option of setting up the outdoors to accommodate as a gathering place. We have hosted exclusive events in our open-air spaces as per the wishes of some of our clients. Our area by the pool has been transformed to host a large gathering by the Skyline Bar. Enjoy a private dinner with our gorgeous infinity pool and the azure ocean as your view while you dine with your nearest and dearest. At the place where life meets living, we make your dreams a reality.

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